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Full Schedule …

Full schedule

… coming out soon, as the weekends are beginning to fill up. I will be adding classes to Thursday and Fridays every other week, to support CCW renewals.

A shot at a chance to start with a new competitive shooting team to take part and in USPSA matches, is happening on October 15th! Tickets will be available on the class page with all current courses being offered. ONLY $25! This is also the first match of the three month series where I will be raffling off cool things after the December Match! If you are picked to join the Team STRFI, you will be receiving a Jersey to sponsor STRFI in matches and have a chance for cash rewards (still working out the structure). Contact me for details, and be sure to like STRFI on Facebook.

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  1. Hello,
    I am interested in a CCW renewal class for Placer County, do you have any classes coming up during the week days?

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