Privacy Policy

What do we collect?
When registering to purchase any product we offer for sale (training classes or events), you may enter your personal information, name, age, address, email address or even other details. When you sign up for a class, your personal information such as name, address, email address is stored on our server. Your payment information is through PayPal. Our servers do not store any of your payment information. We use only your name, mailing, and email address collected to verify you (the individual) upon arrival at the course the day of training. We do not sell your information to anyone, or anything. Any information you choose to share as responses to posts, or reviews of classes are stored on the servers (example: photos or references of your persons).


We also collect information about your operating system, with cookies. By sending and receiving information from our servers to your operating system, giving us information about the operating system and/or other technologies not listed. Again NONE of your payment information is stored on our servers.

We reserve the right to change, modify or cancel any information on the website without notice.

When reserving a seat for a class, there is a 3 person minimum. If the minimum is not met, you will be refunded the day before training, if the class has been cancelled.