Range Rules and Commands

Range Rules

  1. Do not bring a loaded firearm to the range
  2. No ammunition at the safe table
  3. No ammunition allowed in the classroom
  4. All firearms remain unloaded until the order is given
  5. Never assume the firearm is unloaded
  6. Keep the firearm pointed down range
  7. Never point the firearm at the ground
  8. Wait for the commands by the instructor or range safety officer
  9. Absolutely NO sweeping allowed (you will be asked to leave the range, and you will not get signed off for your CCW)

Range Commands

  • “Load and make ready” load the magazine or cylinder
  • “Gun” engage the target
  • “Unload and show clear” when the shooting has ceased, you will be given this command, before exiting the range
  • “Cease fire” anyone may call a cease fire, if they spot an unsafe act
  • “Range is hot” at this point no one is permitted between the shooter or target area
  • “Range is cold” at this point, all firearms have been identified as cleared
  • “Finger” get your finger out of the trigger well
  • “Muzzle” point the firearm in a safe direction